Terms & Conditions of Sale



The price quoted is per unit, excluding VAT and is payable in South African currency. Unless a credit application has been completed by the customer and approved by Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd, payment terms are COD (cash on delivery) and no goods shall be allowed to leave the Kengen premises unless full and final payment has being made for the goods. Payment options are cash, credit card, or by EFT (electronic funds transfer).

EFT payments must first reflect in the Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd bank account before goods will be released.


Placed orders


It is recommended that all orders be in writing (paper, email, fax). If the customer insists on only issuing the order verbally, then the risk shall lie with the customer in the event of errors occurring. Amendments to orders should also be in writing for the same reason as stated above. Orders accepted by Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd shall be final and will not be cancelled without the management written consent. Cancellations may be subject to a cancellation charge by Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd for costs incurred, including but not limited to, the preparation, storage or handling of the customer’s goods. Delivery of the goods will take place after all fees has been paid.

Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd invoices shall be deemed to be prima facie proof of delivery and receipt of the goods reflected thereon to the CUSTOMER.


Completed orders


Unless otherwise stated, delivery of goods will take place from Kengen Projects premises. Delivery of goods shall not be considered overdue until the customer has made a request in writing for delivery to take place and afforded Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd reasonable opportunity to comply therewith. Should the CUSTOMER fail to collect the goods within (30 working days) after been informed that the goods are ready Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd shall be entitled to charge the customer a storage fee.

This shall be charged at a rate of 2% of the value of the goods, per working day. Goods must be checked by the customer for accuracy before leaving the Kengen Projects premises. Upon leaving the premises the customer will have read and accepted the T’s & C’s explained above. Should the customer fail to collect the goods within (90 working days) from Kengen Projects (Pty) Ltd they will have the right to offer the unit and sell it again.